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Emergency Electrical Service by Janco Electric LLC.

You can feel confident calling us at 1-800-434-JANCO(5262) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, our friendly fully staffed office will answer all your calls, take any questions and schdule any work any time day and night. 24 Hour Emergency Electrical Services are available. Call Janco Electric LLC. on 732-786-1800 and we will help you as soon as possible:

  • Receptacle or switch overheating and failure resulting in a fire. Majority of fires are caused from poor connections and terminations.
  • Breaker tripping from a circuit overload on a circuit supplying power to refrigeration.
  • Unqualified person altered electrical wiring resulting in failure or fire.
  • Blown fuse and you don't have or cannot obtain a replacement.
  • Lightning surge damaged electronic equipment.
  • Motors, freezers, equipment, and medical equipment fail ure due to over / under voltage.
  • Health care facility, doctors office, clinic, 24 hour fast food, restaurants, residential, commercial, warehouses, small business owners, freezers, all gas stations, Walmart.
  • Older home receptacle or switch failure.
  • Commercial property emergency lighting or sign failure.
  • AFCI breaker trips often.
  • Breaker will not reset.
  • Breaker supplying water heater, microwave, or appliance circuits fails.
  • Bathroom receptacles quit working.
  • Commercial business lay-in fixtures quit working.
  • Tree falling on an overhead service drop resulting in a total power loss.